December 18, 2010

December so far

Its been a very busy month so far.  I haven't had any time to work on projects worth blogging about.  Currently I am working on a secret santa present for our staff party tomorrow night.  I should be done tonight and post another blog. 

Tomorrow morning my dad flies in from Mexico.  I haven't seen him since graduation 2 1/2 years ago.  I can't wait to see him.  After picking him up we're going to IKEA.  Love it!  And then I'm dragging him to the Chtristmas party tomorrow night.

Other than that I've just been getting ready for Chirstmas and buying the last few gifts.  I've also been cleaning like mad the last few days and thats about it.  Not too exciting around these parts.  Right now I am looking out the window and watching all the bird action in the yard.  There are three little hummingbirds that are wintering over.  They are so fast.  My dad is bringing some pretty nice cameras with him...hopefully I can get some good shots of the birds with it.  There is one that has the most striking hood. 

Any hoot, thats about all for now.  I'll have more craft projects soon!

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