December 27, 2010

Backyard Birding

Over the holidays my dad brought with him a really nice canon EOS 30D camera with tons of lens and accessories.  We've been testing it out in the backyard and have been capturing lots of bird activity in the yard.  Here are some of the awesome pictures we've taken so far.

This little birdy is an Anna's Hummingbird. Thanks to gardening all year long in the Willamette Valley, these little guys winter over in this area. Thats why its important not to take your feeders down, so that these guys can survive the winter. See how bright his fushia marking is?  I've never seen a hummingbird this striking.
Anna's Hummingbird
 This forsythia bush doesn't usually bloom until February/March but since we had a cold snap early on and the tempertures have been pretty mild lately it has tricked itself into blooming early in December
Forsythia bud at night in December

Another Anna's hummingbird.  This one is a female and has been coming to the feeder everyday this winter.

This Junco was hanging out on the roof of this bird feeder.  Juncos migrate to the Willamette Valley for the fall and winter months and then leave during Spring and Summer.

A lesser goldfinch at a nyjer thistle sock feeder

This cute log cabin bird feeder was a Christmas present from Oz's brother and sister in law.  I love it so much.  Soon I am going to make a pole to set it on and create an elaborate feeder station.  This bird feeder has inspired many other creative bird feeding ideas for this Spring.

This Junco is already putting his new feeder to good use.

My favorite gnomie, Albus (yes, I named my gnome after a Harry Potter character)

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