February 06, 2012

Charlotte vs. the Dog Park

When Charlotte was 12 weeks old and had all of her shots I took her to the dog park downtown for the first time.  Unfortunately we had a terrible experience involving a pit bull and had not been back until last weekend.  Since the first incident we've actually had a great time at the dog park.  She's already made lots of friends (that's Brutus the pug and Barney the pug/Boston terrier above).  She gets her workout from both the small and large dogs.   Here are some videos/photos from her experiences.

This is her and Barney their first time playing together last weekend.

This is her yesterday with Barney and Brutus.  Brutus was playing referee for them, breaking it up when it got too "rough".

 Just sniff'n some dogs

 This little firecracker is a mini Aussie.  She was the spunkiest little dog I've seen.  She reminded me of a corgi and Yorkie mix if they had babies.  She had very pretty blue eyes.  Just watching her gave me puppy fever for a dog like her.

There she goes, off to chase the big dogs.

Looks like the dog park won this round.  She fell asleep in the sun as soon as we made it home.

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