February 21, 2012

Boston Terrier Sugar Cookies

Well, Charlotte's 1st birthday is a week from today.  I can't believe she is almost 1.  It feels like it wasn't very long ago that I brought the little munchkin home but at the same time I cannot imagine my life without her in it.

This weekend I started getting ready for her birthday.  Yes, I am one of those pet owners that likes to celebrate their pet's birthday and special occasions.  Anyways, yesterday Brandy came over and helped me bake and decorate some sugar cookies in the shape of boston terriers.  They turned out really cute. Some of them even look like Charlotte.  They were very simple to make as well.  To make the frosting Brandy whipped up some powder sugar icing that we found a recipe for in the Betty Crocker cook book and then added black icing paste by Wilton that we found at Joann Fabrics.  I'm glad Brandy was there to help me because I don't think I could have decorated 30 cookies by myself!

I put the cookies in the freezer to save for next weekend when we throw a small birthday party for Charlotte.  I still have some craft projects for the party that I need to throw in between now and Sunday.  We'll see how much I get done this week!

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