September 22, 2010

Summer's End

Today is fall equinox and the end of summer but what a fun filled three months it was.  In June I redecorated my boyfriend's bedroom.  I painted the wall's a "summer fun" blue, painted him two original works of art, addes some shelves, a handmade lamp and clock and topped it off with a custom duvet cover.  Oz is really in to the 50's time period so I took elements from that decade and gave them a twist of fun.
Oz's bedroom before the redesign

Afterwords the bedroom is not only cleaner but organized and fun!

I used acrylics for this painting of a record with Frank Sinatra lyrics in the label.  Inside the record is a cityscape with a plane flying over the skyscrapers.

New shelves hold books and artwork.  I made matching bookends out of old records.

I created this clock using a vinyl record I found at Goodwill for a dollar

This painting was from a few years ago.  It matches the room perfectly.

This was the inspiration for the whole room.  I painted this a few years ago but it never really fit the decor until now.  It is the largest painting I have painted so far, 3'x4'.

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