September 23, 2010

Housewives of Klamath County

Last month one of my best friends got married to a great guy we've known since elementary school.  My other best friend, Lauren, and I threw her a housewife themed bachelorette party in Lauren's backyard. We all dressed up as housewives from the 1950's.  We made gin and tonics, served bit sized food, cut sandwiches out with bridal cookie cutters and hung cute tissue paper flowers over the sitting area (Pictured below)
This is the invitation I made and sent out to all the ladies

We even had a relay race with two teams.  Each person was assigned a different task and the first group to complete all the assignments won.  The tasks were: ironing a t-shirt, pressing garlic, vacuuming a rug and applying makeup without spilling their martinis
We also made the bride to be a Martini shaped pinata containing fun surprises for a bachelorette
Finally, Lauren had a great idea to hand a bedsheet on the clothesline and set up an ironing board in front so we could use it as a backdrop for a photo shoot

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