April 10, 2012

I Spy in the Garden...

 ...a beautiful spring day on Easter Sunday.  This year for Easter we stayed home and everyone enjoyed working and playing in the yard for the afternoon.  We even set up a pen in the grass so the bunnies could enjoy the nice weather instead of being cooped up inside.  I was proud that I did quite a bit of work while outdoors.  I tore out two sickly rose bushes that I have been fighting with for 3 years and replaced them with a container pond (coming soon in a future blog) and I mowed the lawn for the first time since last summer. I also took some photos of flowers that are blooming right now.  Above is an 'Ice Cream' tulip.  It is not as pretty as the package showed but I like the pink hue.

 A very pretty double daffodil with both yellow and a cream center.

 This orange hyacinth smells wonderful by the porch screen door.

 Charlotte catches some morning rays on the patio.  Its hard to believe last Easter she had only been home 2 days prior.  She has been such a wonderful little Easter puppy!

The gnomes are starting to get busy in the garden.

 You would think bunnies would like to be outside on a day like this.  But Buddy as usual was being a grumpy old man and hiding in the corner most of the time while outside.

 Bunny Girl on the other hand loved it and had lots of fun exploring her pen.  She loves to nibble on the dandelion heads.

I let Charlotte in the pen with the bunnies.  It was going well until Buddy got upset she was too close to him and he started kicking and grunting at her.  He is such a grump!

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