March 02, 2012

Guest Artist: Amber Elton from Fruit Wear Jewelry

 Today I wanted to feature a local artist that lives in Corvallis.  Her name is Amber and she designs these great earrings and necklaces using real fruit.  If you've been into the garden center lately you may have seen them on our counter while checking out. 

Amber was inspired to make jewelry out of fruit after teaching in Puebla, Mexico and seeing other jewelry made from nuts, seeds, coffee, beans and corn.  She started making this type of jewelry since 2009 in Hawaii experimenting with different drying and casting techniques.  Her creations include limes, kiwi, lemons, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, star fruit and coffee.  Strawberries and prickely pears are next on her list.  All of her jewelry is one of a kind and is cast into a durable plastic.  You can check out her designs at Schmidt's and you can also check out her blog at

 On display at Schmidts, there are a variety of Fruit Wear designs including bananas, key limes, kiwi, cherry tomatoes and oranges.

 Extra long orange necklace

Adorable cherry tomato earrings

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